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J.L Bragg Medicinal Charcoal Tablets 100 pack
For 100% natural relief for indigestion, wind & heartburn

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Medicinal Charcoal Tablets

For the treatment of indigestion, wind, flatulence.

Produced from 100% natural ingredients, no artificial additives or ingredients. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Adults, including elderly and children over 12 years: 2-4 tablets after meals, 3 times a day. Chew or swallow with liquid.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
May be used during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Not recommended for children under 12 years old.

Active ingredient:
Activated charcoal powder BPC1934 at 300mg per tablet, produced from coconut shells.

Other ingredients:
Icing sugar, potato starch, gum tragacanth, magnesium stearate. (all ingredients are from vegetable sources)

More Information:

Sugar content, each tablet contains less than 0.45 calories of sugar, the maximum recommended dose of 12 tablets per day contains a total of 5.4 calories.

If you are taking prescribed medication we recommend that you discuss the use of activated charcoal with your medical advisor, if you require medical advise in regards to using our products, you may contact us either via our email address or telephone on 01473 748345, we shall pass your enquiry on to our medical advisor who will respond typically within 24-48 hours.

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Review : Denise G

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Title : Remedy for bloated uncomfortable stomach
Review : Remedy for bloated uncomfortable stomach Great help for bloated uncomfortable stomach Online Shopper

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Title : These tablets have made a huge difference with Diverticular Disease and IBS
Review : These tablets have made a huge difference with Diverticular Disease and IBS None! Stomach / bowel problem remedy Online Shopper

Hi Are the charcoal tablets Steam activated or chemically activated Thanks

Thank you for your email, our activated charcoal is steam activated.

Hi. Please can you tell me of any distributors of your charcoal products in my area? Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 3TG Thank you Trevor

Hi Trevor, we do not have list or retailers for our products in the UK, all our products are distributed by wholesalers who sell the products directly to retailers. Our wholesalers do not advise us who they sell the products to as they consider this to be confidential information. If you talk to the retailers of health foods or independent pharmacies they can order the product for you, or alternately you can purchase the product from our website or from other retailers on Amazon. Kind regards

Very pleased to find these, but a little mystified how you manage to make them, and the capsules too, so cheap. Other brands of activated charcoal capsules I've seen have all cost much more - even the normally very cheap Zipvit only manage £8 for 90 250mg capsules. Is there some difference?

Thank you for your email, JL Bragg has been manufacturing activated charcoal products for over 160 years, we are also a licensed manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. Our capsules have been on the market for some time and are currently marketed as a food supplement, the product is manufactured and packaged in our licensed facilities and are produced to the same high standards as our existing licensed products, presently we are in the process of registering our capsules as a licensed pharmaceutical which we anticipate being approved this year. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) confirms that our activated charcoal products are the only licensed products available in the UK which are approved to treat digestive disorders. Over the past few years there has been a great deal of interest in this particular product and many companies have attempted to copy our products, many of our customers who have tried these products have commented on the price and the fact that in many cases they do not work. We regularly test competitor products to the same criteria of our licensed products and have found them to be less potent, one of the worst performing products had less than 3% of the expected potency. Most of these products claim to use activated charcoal, however they do not claim to use pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal, which is essential for oral use. I would only be too pleased to increase the price of our product in the market, however we are an ethical company and prefer to provide our customers with an effective and economical solution to their digestive problems. It may be that in the future we will have to increase the price of our product as some consumers believe that price is an assurance for quality and efficacy, it would be sad if we had to go down this path.

Dear Sirs, what specific reason is there for not giving these tablets to children younger than 12?

Thank you for your email, our activated charcoal tablets are classified as a licensed pharmaceutical. The current regulations regarding paediatric use of pharmaceuticals requires clinical data to demonstrate the product is safe to use for this group is available and is approved by the regulatory authority At this time no such data is currently available, and legally we are not permitted to recommend the product may be used for under 12's. If there is a medical need for the product to be used this may be approved by a medical practitioner as they are legally permitted to grant off license use of pharmaceutical products. Kind regards

How much is p&p for 100 charcoal tabs?

The P&P is £3.89 which inc. vat, the price is detailed on our website, if you select the items you wish to purchase then choose the shipping cost option the price of shipping is listed. This is also detailed at the checkout.

Recently purchased 100 Charcoal tablets and the dosage states 2-4 tablets 3 times a day. Does this mean 2-4 over the course of the day or 2-4 for each dosage (getting to 6-12 a day) ?

Thank you for your email, the dosage means take between 2 - 4 tablets up to three times per day. With a maximum of 6 -12 tablets per day. As a new user for the product we recommend that customers start at the lowest dose which would be 2 tablets a day, and then increase the dosage until your symptoms subside.

Hello, I have just purchased a J.L Bragg Medicinal Charcoal Tablets 100 Pack and in the Active Ingredients list it does not state Activated Charcoal (produced from coconut shells) as mentioned on your website, but rather Vegetable Charcoal. Therefore, I would like to know why and if this will still have the desired medicinal effect?

Thank you for your email, our activated charcoal tablets are a licensed pharmaceutical product, the description of the active ingredients are controlled by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency, which is a division of the Department of Health. This is the description of the active ingredient we are required to use. Our Activated Charcoal is produced from coconuts and Vegetable Charcoal as detailed on the label is indeed an alternate name for Activated Charcoal.

I am a 93 yr. old male reasonably healthy with controlled hypertension. have been having discomfort with gas build up in intestine. can you recommend which of your products may be helpful thanks ern hand

Thank you for your email, our tablets, capsules and biscuits are of value to control the symptoms of wind. You advise that you have hypertension, and the condition is controlled, would you be able to advise if you are taking any prescribed medication as we taking activated charcoal can reduce the effectiveness of some drugs. If you are taking drugs we will refer your enquiry to our Medical Advisor who will be able to advise on the suitability of using medication and activated charcoal. Kind regards

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