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Equicarbon Granules
Activated charcoal granules for horses, food supplement

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EquiCarbon is a new product which has been formulated by JL Bragg to produce a high quality granule that contains pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal combined with other activated absorbants.  This product may be added to the hard feed of horses to improve digestive health, the product may be used to add to freashly drawn drinking water for horses to remove the odour of chlorine.  

The product does not contain any animal derived raw materials and is 100% natural.

Pharmaceutical grades of Activated Charcoal are very fine powders, that are similar in particle size to talcuum powder, which can be very messy and flyaway when used in open areas.  This newly formulated product has been combined with other pharmaceutical materials to form a coarse granule which is far easier to handle and is supplied with a 50ml dispensing scoop.  Once added to hard feed and taken into the body, the granules rapidly break down, dispersing the activated charcoal throughout the digestive system.

Our Activated Charcoal is produced from coconut shells, that are heated to very high temperatures to remove any organic matter, it is then exposed to super heated steam to activate the charcoal which increases the surface area and absorbancy of the material by over 300%.

All our products are formulated using pharmaceutical grade materials, for purity and safety in use.

We are aware of similar products which are available on the market, many of these products use low grade materials which have either very low levels of absorbancy or contain impurities which may be harmful if taken internally.

This product may be purchased from our principal distributor Thunderbrook Equistrian, details below:

Thunderbrook Equestrian 
Tel: 01953 797050
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